Don Juan, my love

The world's most famous lover seduces his way into the hearts and bedrooms of some happily suprised women in a most hilarious and sexy adventure. For 450 years, Don Juan has been lying in purgatory trying to repent for his sins. Now he's been given one more chance to perform a good deed...

पूर्ण विवरण

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ग्रंथसूची विवरण
निगमित लेखकों: International Film Exchange., Fox Lorber Home Video (Firm)
अन्य लेखक: Galiardo, Juan Luis. (अभिनेता), Barranco, María, 1961- (अभिनेता), Mercero, Antonio. (पटकथा लेखक, निर्देशक), Oristrell, Joaquín. (पटकथा लेखक)
स्वरूप: वीडियो वीएचएस
प्रकाशित: NYC [i.e.] New York City : Fox Lorber Home Video : Sold exclusively by Orion Home Video, [1991]
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